Movie review (horror): “Little Deaths” (2011)

August 3, 2011 at 11:09 pm (horror, movies)

This brand-new Brit anthology movie bills itself as “erotic horror.” It’s more like “watch this and you’ll never want to have sex again” horror.

The first of the three stories, “House and Home,” is predictable in the extreme. It’s also pretty distasteful. The “sex” is rape, and involves humiliation and copious bodily fluids. I could see the end of the story coming (so to speak) a mile away. The acting was terrific, but the script was so stale it was painful.

The second story, “Mutant Tool,” has an awesome title! It’s also desperately silly. The story involves a mutant person with a gigantic two-and-a-half foot frankendick that excretes the best hallucinogenic drug in the world. Said mutant is being held captive by an evil Nazi-ish doctor, who keeps the mutant chained up with its dick in a bucket and feeds it blenderized kidneys. Okay, I could get behind that, I guess. But a ridiculous “twist” ending that makes no sense pretty much ruins the whole thing. Oh, and there’s nothing the least bit erotic about this episode either. It’s just really, really squickie. Bleah!

The last story, “Bitch,” is brilliant. It’s about a gentle young man who’s in an abusive relationship with a really, really nasty young woman. He is sub to her dom in the playroom, which he doesn’t really enjoy, but he’s madly in love with her, and desperate to keep her. (This is NOT a happy, “Secretary” type situation!) When she’s not sexually humiliating him, she’s just generally treating him like crap. Finally, she goes too far, viciously breaking his heart. She has a single weakness, an extreme phobia, and he uses that to plot his horrific revenge. This segment isn’t easy to watch (none of them are), but it’s by far the best of the three. Again, not erotic. Just disturbing.

Three stars; almost all of them for “Bitch.” I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anybody but grownup hardcore horror fans.

And, um, don’t watch it with your sweetie on date night. It may be weeks before you get lucky again!


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