Movie review: (horror) “The Graves” (2010)

December 13, 2010 at 8:44 pm (horror, movies, music)

 Was this a good movie? Nope. Did I enjoy the heck out of it? Yep. (She says, thereby losing @Thom Carnell’s respect for the rest of her life.)

Thom’s review of this movie was spot-on. It’s predictable. It’s got plotholes you could drive a truck through. Characters make stupid decisions. But for the following various (possibly insane) reasons, I dug it:

-It’s filmed in Wickenburg, AZ! My family lived in Wickenburg for years! And I’ve been to that mine! (There were no demonic insects in it at the time, though.) I played in those dry washes many, many times as a wee girl.

-The writer must be from Arizona, because he knows the correct way to refer to the town of Scottsdale is “Snotsdale.”

-The girls! They were cute, good actors, comic book geeks, and their banter was great. Very sister-like. And they KICKED SOME ASS! I love tough girls in movies.

-Calabrese! Freakin CALABRESE is playing a song in a bar in the movie! If you don’t know, they are a three-piece horrorpunk band who rocks as hard as the Damned in their heyday!

-Tony Todd as a crazed preacher! I ADORE the Tony Todd. Especially when he’s being loony. And also because he’s totally hawt. SIGH!

-Bill Moseley! I adore the Bill too! He has such gleefully nasty fun in this movie. While wearing a pigsnout! And he’s also totally hawt. Although I prefer him without the pigsnout. I wish he’d let ME call him Cookie. SIGH!

-The supernatural aspect. That’s a fun twist in a slasher movie. Even though that plotline was pretty feeble, it was interesting.

So, you might not enjoy this movie if you’re not, um, me. But I was highly entertained.

-Rated R
-3 out of 5 stars
-Probably OK for older teens into horror


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