Movie review: (horror) “Necrosis” (2009)

December 13, 2010 at 8:32 pm (horror, movies)

YIKES what a steaming pile of crap. How do you make anything to do with the Donner party THIS BORING AND STUPID? James Kyson Lee put in a good performance, because he’s a good actor, but he didn’t have anything to work with. Poor Michael Berryman was in this POS for about 5 minutes. I hope he got paid well.

This whole movie is incomprehensible, lame, and unbelievably stupid. I’d like to think that the filmmakers were stoned during the entire production. Then, at least, I’d know somebody enjoyed some aspect of this muddled, dull thing.

-Not rated
-1 out of 5 stars
-Should not be watched by anybody who doesn’t want to kill millions of brain cells


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