Movie review: (horror) “Dread” (2009)

December 13, 2010 at 9:38 pm (horror, movies)

  HOLY CRAP, four Horrorfest movies in one season I really liked! This movie is based on one of my very favorite of Clive Barker’s Books of Blood stories–the only one with no supernatural content. I had high hopes, and I wsn’t disappointed.

ATTENTION: DO NOT go to the Horrorfest website and watch the trailer! It freakin’ gives away the end! DUH! And by the way, if you’re a fan of the story, it is not the same ending the story had. Still a good one, though.

The performances in this movie are top-notch, as is the writing. And the gore–wow. This is ax murder as fine art. This flick has some of the creepiest scenes I can remember in recent history. (Not including the ax murders.) If you don’t find this stuff disturbing, I think I’m scared of you.

Bonus–DVD extra interview with Clive Barker and the director! I’m not really sure this is a movie I’d like to watch over and over again, it’s just too uncomfortable. But I’m glad I saw it.

-Rated R
-4 out of 5 stars
-Pretty disturbing stuff. May be OK for older teens with thick hides.


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