Movie review: (horror) “Visions of Suffering” (2006)

December 11, 2010 at 6:01 pm (horror, movies)

  I was reluctant to watch this film, after seeing Andrey Iskanov’s painfully boring “Philosophy of a Knife.” I’m glad I did, though.

This, like “Knife,” is definitely an art film. But because it’s only trying to be an art/horror movie, instead of posing as a documentary, it really works.

The plot, such as it is, is simple. A young Russian guy has horrible nightmares every time it rains. He sees surreal and awful creatures and people in a black and white forest. (Look out for those shaving-cream gorking arboreal spider-jellyfish.) Those scenes are so gorgeous and freaky that I wanted to cut them out, loop them together, and just watch them over and over again.

He encounters a wise and prophetic phone repairman. His dreams move on to a fetish club. where things go from kinky to splattery. He’s obsessed with a girl he seems to have lost, but we don’t know why.

This movie was, simply, a treat to watch. The constant stream of bizarre, freaky, gory, and lovely images was really entertaining.

If I had to describe “Suffering” in one sentence, I guess i’d say “The mutant offspring of David Lynch and David Cronenberg.” (It reminded me of “Videodrome” more than once.)

If you like purely weird visual input, you’ll probably like “Visions of Suffering.” But not if you’re squeamish. And not if you have to have, you know, a coherent plot.

-Not rated
-4 out of 5 stars
-Grownup movie


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