Movie review: (horror) “The Wizard of Gore” (2007)

December 11, 2010 at 8:54 pm (horror, movies)

 The last thing I expected was to completely flip out over this movie. I LOVED it. I mean, I knew I was gonna like it. A remake of “Wizard of Gore,” starring Crispin Glover? Squee! But wow…what a great, twisted film.

Not so much of a remake… as a re-imagining. (I know that word gets overused, but it’s true in this case.) Crispin G is absolutely amazing as Montag the Magnificent. No mumbling or peeking out from under his hair. He was totally wacked out, over the top, and way, WAY too much fun. (Great codpiece.)

And speaking of fun, this movie IS fun, but it wasn’t silly, like I expected it to be. I was guessing it would be a broader strain of humor, like the wonderful “Willard” remake. There’s humor here, but it’s pretty dang dark.

The characterization in this movie is excellent. The weird retro-obsessed amateur journalist, played by Kip Pardue, is wonderful and complex. Jeffrey Combs is delightful, as always, as the Rob Zombie-esque geek. And did I mention Brad Dourif as the demented doctor of alternative medicine? Did I mention Brad wtih his shirt off? Okay he had some leeches on his back at the time, but still…

The director, Jeremy Kasten, also directed “The Attic Expeditions,” which is one of my all-time favorite movies. This “Wizard” remake would actually make a fine double feature with “Attic.” They’re both total mindfreaks.

This flick isn’t for everybody. Just glance at the Netflix ratings. Tons of people didn’t get it, or found it boring. I dug it so much I watched it twice in a row. You don’t usually see plots like this outside of Korean horror movies.

I munna buy it. Okay done ranting now. Go watch it.

Did I mention the fact that Crispin Glover is insanely hot in a white tux?

Okay really done now.

-Not rated
-5 out of 5 stars
-Probably OK for older teens who are into gore

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