Movie review: (horror) “Hood of Horror” (2007)

December 11, 2010 at 6:18 pm (dark comedy, horror, movies, music)

I really like Snoop Dogg. I like his music, his appreciation for horror, and his sly, wicked sense of humor. (Plus he’s really cute.) I loved his 2001 horror flick, “Bones,” So I figured I’d get a kick out of this movie. I wasn’t wrong.

It’s… a “Tales from the Crypt” style anthology movie, featuring three stories. The stories are framed by a gorgeous animation about how the Snoop Dogg character becomes a demon, and also by the actual (slightly demonified) Mr. Dogg himself. Maybe a little much, but hey, when you pick up a movie titled “Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horrors,” you’ve got to expect you’re going to get a lot of Snoop.

The stories are fun, if not particularly original. But then again, if you look at Tales from the Crypt comics, those stories usually weren’t all that original either. Somebody does something bad, and something bad happens to him or her. And wow, is there some bad stuff in here!

The gore is gleefully over the top. I mean, splat central. I laughed myself silly. And there are some wonderful performances, particularly in the second story, about a group of black Vietnam vets being treated badly by the son of their deceased commanding officer.

The ending credits are almost as amusing as the movie itself. I watched it a few times to be sure I saw all the gory details. Not the best movie ever, but if I could, I’d give it 3 and a half stars, because it’s just so much fun.

-Rated R
-3.5 stars
-Probably OK for older teens who are already splatter fans


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