Movie review: (horror) “Animals” (2008)

December 11, 2010 at 8:59 pm (horror, movies)

 Pretty solid adaptation of the classic Skipp and Spector werewolf novel.

Perhaps a slight miscast of Nicki Aycox for the character of Nora the werewolf. Ms. Aycox is an excellent actor and very pretty, but Nora was supposed to be outrageousl…y pretty. Eye-popping gorgeous. Sex On Wheels. Anyway, that’s a minor quibble, the actress did a fine job.

AND BY THE WAY, I think the character of Fleur was miscast in the Harry Potter movies. Again, pretty girl, good actress, but Fleur was supposed to be unworldly in her beauty.

Well, that had nothing to do with anything.

Anyway. Guys who played Syd the hero and Vic the villain were terrific. Slightly cheesy CG werewolf-critters that looked like they belonged on Lots and lots of sex and nudity. Overall, pretty darn entertaining.

-Not rated
-3 out of 5 stars
-Not for kids

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