Movie review: (horror) “The Hitcher” (2007)

December 10, 2010 at 2:28 pm (horror, movies)

 This movie did not get a fair shake. Yeah, okay, the original is better and more suspenseful. But I had fun with this one in its own right.

For one thing, Sean Bean is fantastic as the psycho hitcher. Okay, it’s a little silly that he’s as tough as the terminator, but I have to say, I loved this movie’s use of the NIN song “Closer.” Ha!

I thought the two kids who played the leads were very good in their roles, too. And there were some fabulous car wrecks. Yeah, I know, I’m easily amused, but what the hell.

P.S. I did not rate this movie as high as I did because I have a gigantic crush on Sean Bean. Okay that might have contributed to it.

-Rated R
-3 out of 5 stars
-Blood, guts, and disturbing content. Probably OK for older teens who are already slasher fans.


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