Movie review: (horror) “The Haunting in Connecticut” (2009)

December 10, 2010 at 5:39 pm (horror, movies)

 This movie is a shining example of why so many people think that horror movies are ridiculous crap. It starts out beating you with the obvious stick, and by the end, you’re pulverized.

There are certain camera angles, lighting tricks, sound …stingers and so on that you come to expect in horror movies. This flick has ALL of them. It seems to have been assembled entirely from stale horror movie cliches.

There’s some good acting. I love Virginia Madsen–I have loved her ever since “Candyman.” And the boy who played her son was terrific. They just didn’t have anything to work with.

The movie tries to beef up the backstory, but it never really goes anywhere. It’s full of contradictions and dangling loose ends. And the last 30 or 40 minutes are basically lifted whole from “Poltergeist.” I couldn’t believe that the filmmakers had the brass to copy from another movie so blatantly, but evidently they didn’t have any better ideas.

This flick isn’t scary. It isn’t funny, even inadvertantly. It’s just BAD. Okay, there are a few nice images here and there, but not enough for you to waste your time on. I would only recommend this if you’re an aspiring horror movie maker and you want to see how NOT to make one.

-Rated PG-13
-2 out of 5 stars
-OK for teen horror fans, but why would you inflict this on them?


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