Movie review: (horror) “The Echo” (2008)

December 10, 2010 at 2:56 am (horror, movies)

  Very nicely done classic haunted house movie. Slow-paced but intensely creepy.

I understand that this is a remake of a Phillipine movie called “Sigaw.” The original director of Sigaw directed The Echo, and it came out well. Kudos to main actor Jesse Bradford, who pretty much carries this movie on his own. He rocks.

This flick had somewhat of the vibe of an Asian horror movie, but it didn’t seem out of place or forced, like you so often see in Western remakes. If you like haunted house stories, check it out! I’m off to check out Sigaw…got it in myNetflix  queue!

-Rated R
-4 out of 5 stars
-Very little blood, but pretty disturbing


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