Movie review: (horror) “Colour From The Dark” (2008)

December 8, 2010 at 12:58 am (horror, movies)

  I have a lot of respect for this odd adaptation of HPL’s “The Colour Out of Space.” In some ways, this movie sticks closely to the story. (I actually think the last 15 minutes are the best, where everyting is falling apart.

What I didn’t rea…lly like was the change they made to the thing in the well. In the HPL story, it’s one of those freaky unknowable things from the stars. An alien of some kind. Not an elder god, that’s for sure. Well, in CFTD, it’s a god, or at least a minor mythos demon.

I believe the filmmakers made that call so that they could throw in demonic possession imagery, as well as the critter’s distinct aversion to crosses. Ironic, because the gods in the Mythos don’t really give a rat’s biscuits about Christianity, and they wouldn’t bother messing with its icons.

The pacing could have been better, and the international cast was goofy. Everybody was supposed to be Italian, but there were Australian, American, and Irish accents flying every which way. That kinda cracked me up.

But there are a few fine sfx, and like I said, the ending’s a kick in the butt. If you’re an HPL fan, you probably want to check this one out.

-Not Rated
-3 out of 5 stars
-Arty and slow-moving. Probably of interest to HPL fans only.


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